Learn French, create new business opportunities!

Our instructors will go to your company for private lessons, group classes or workshops for all levels, from beginners to experts.

Corporate classes are tailor-made according to the needs of individual organizations, and special requests will be considered upon registration.The curriculum will be defined to fit your needs, whether it’s studying basics and fundamentals of the language or studying specific objectives.

Please contact us at info@afdallas.org and we will be happy to prepare a personalized offer for your company.


Why should I choose the Alliance Française?


    AF works with you to design a schedule that is convenient for your company.
    Flexible locations at our building or at your offices.


    Training plan built according to your objectives, thanks to a needs analysis questionnaire before the training.
    Competitive tuition fees.
    Participants are exposed to learning situations in direct relationship to their professional environment.


    Before: AF provides advice for the best possible training options and assist you in organizing lessons
    AF ensures that the various learning activities involved in the training meet each participant’s professional objectives.


    The Alliance Française has been in Dallas since 1972 and benefits from the strength of a global network (1,000 Alliances around the world; 500,000 students each year) and an international and local reputation.
    Participants also have the option to register for various internationally recognized certificates.

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