Talk on French regions by Tamara Golden – July 30

Highlights from Paris, Bourgogne & More…

For this program, Tamara is thrilled to share with the Alliance Francaise the highlights of her upcoming trip to Paris, Burgundy and Lyon. This itinerary includes visits to UNESCO World Heritage sites like the Vézelay Basilica, Fontenay Abbey, Dijon’s historic centreville, and the Hospices of Beaune.


Please join Tamara as she brings these destinations to life through photos and narrative. Reminisce about places in France you’ve already been, or learn about others you might hope to someday visit.


TUESDAY, JULY 30 from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm

@ Alliance Française de Dallas



Drinks and appetizers offered by Dallas Dijon Sister Cities 


About Tamara Golden:

Tamara Golden is a 25-year destination travel planner and trip leader. Tamara lived and worked in Italy for many years and has traveled extensively throughout Europe. She is fluent in Italian, conversant in French and has a basic knowledge of German. Tamara delights in exploring destinations through their art, architecture, culture, food and wine. A self-professed Europhile, each year she leads 1-2 curated trips to Europe specifically to allow others who share her passions and interests to discover her favorite regions and places.


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