Movie Show – Versailles – Thursday, March 9th 2017 @ Richland College

Thursday, March 9th at 7pm at Richland College

In French (with English subtitles)

“Paris, today. A child and her young mother sleep outside. Nina, the mother is without employment. Enzo is 5 years old. Their wandering leads them to Versailles. In the Woods, near the Castle, a man lives in a hut, cut off from everything in society. Damien. Nina spends a night with him. In the morning, Nina leaves the child and disappears. When Damien wakes, he finds Enzo alone. Day after day, season after season, the man and the child will discover life together. Their relationship will be as strong as their destitution. One day they have to leave the cabin…”

Length: 1 hour and 53 minutes
Suitable for all ages

Watch the trailer!

Please RSVP

Richland College – 12800 Abrams Rd, Dallas, TX 75243
Building Sabine – Room 118 – Parking C, D, E

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