Kids Camps

Here is some exciting news for your kid’s Holidays!

Alliance Française de Dallas offers camps in March:

Sensory awareness camp – for 3-4 year old kids :
This camp is built around the 5 senses: sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch… all of it immersed in the French Language.

During the week, kids will explore their environment while playing. Sounds, colors, tastes, smells, textures… will be at the center of experimenting and sharing in order to promote a playful approach to the French Language.

Detailed Contents:
– From 9:30am to 2.30pm
– For more information, contact us at
– Fees: $195 for the week for AF members

Science camp – for 4-7 year old kids :
An unforgettable science camp with experiences and French language enthusiasts!
This camp is perfect for children who enjoy being creative and making new friends, and is designed to be fun for novices as well as challenging for students who have already been bitten by the French language bug.

Detailed Contents:
– Discover science experiments include volcanoes and more!

Reading & Art camp – for 5-7 year old kids :

Students should be able to improve their French language by using stories from childrens’ books as the methodology. Session activities will train students to better understand the meaning of these stories in the context of language, not solely relying on the pictures for comprehension.
Students will learn the rules of simple grammar, as well as new vocabulary. There will also be opportunities to participate in artistic activities by following directions in the French language. By the end of the course, students can also learn to play some games, as well as some traditional and modern songs, in French.

Kids Creative & Art Workshop – for 5-7 year old kids
This camp will begin with creative activities, followed by artistic projects where the students will explore the French language through creativity.
It will finish with French song singing and body movement inspired by dance and yoga as well as some story telling time to wind down.

-Classes will open with a minimum of 4 children
-5 hours each class: 9:30am to 2:30pm
-Fees: $195 for the week for AF members
-Limited seats available – Don’t miss it!
-For more information, contact us at

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