Conversation classes & workshops for adults


You are learning French and want to practice regularly? This class is for you.

Students engage in conversations moderated by the instructor. These cover a wide variety of topics ranging from current affairs issues. The students participate actively not only by speaking but also by assisting their peers to formulate what they are trying to express.

The course also touches upon grammar and the conjugation of tenses (flash reviews when appropriate).

Two levels available: Beginners and Intermediate.

GRAMMAR – workshop

Class recommanded for Intermediate & Advanced level

For any student who wishes to review (or rediscover!) the basics of French grammar to enhance their skills of spoken and written French.
  • You will conjugate regular and irregular verbs
  • All tenses will be studied according to the level of the class.
  • Drills and exercises will help you develop grammar automatisms

Practical and creative exercises will make these workshops both challenging and fun. 


Limit: 6 students per class

Level: Any student who wishes to improve their pronunciation and understanding of spoken French whatever their level of comprehension or oral production might be.


  • You will study phonetics (pronunciation of sounds and intonation)
  • The relationship between sounds and letters (how to write a sound, how to read letters)
  • Intonation & Rhythm : how to pronounce individual words and words within a sentence, when and how to link sounds, how to pronounce final letters, how to differentiate and produce statements, questions and exclamations, how to express feelings (surprise, enthusiasm, anger, amiability ….)

Practical and creative exercises will make these workshops both challenging and fun. We will be working with audio exercises as well as poems, tongue twisters, songs, etc

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